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Mike Douglas Mike Douglas - Director/Producer/Editor
In his 23 year ski career, Mike Douglas, has done it all – World Cup competitor, coach, film star, TV commentator, innovator, adventurer, event director, writer, film producer and more. Most notably, he is credited with the design of the modern twin–tip ski – an innovation that changed the sport. Known as the 'Godfather of Freeskiiing', Mike is constantly pushing forward and challenging the boundaries of skiing and the media that surrounds it.

Though he has dabbled in filmmaking since his first high school project – a short 8mm film called Born To Ski – it wasn't until 2006 that he started to take his production work seriously. At that time he founded Switchback Entertainment and began production on the web-series, Salomon Freeski TV. Since then he has worked on more than 100 productions and has won several filmmaking awards. Mike's passion lies in directing and the creative process of filmmaking.

Jeff Thomas Jeff Thomas - Director/Producer/Editor
Jeff Thomas brings over 10 years of experience in producing, directing, editing & cinematography to the Switchback Entertainment team. Whether it was producing films under his company - Theory-3 Media, co-directing/editing multiple award winning Poor Boyz Production films, or producing high quality web media content with Salomon Freeski TV, his drive for action sports and film production has remained ingrained in his soul. Currently, a member of Switchback Entertainment, Jeff’s hard-working, knowledgeable & professional attitude has helped the company earn several awards and retain a very loyal client base.

Blair Richmond Blair Richmond - Cinematographer/Editor/VFX & Motion Design Supervisor
Blair Richmond started his career in film working as a videographer on the film Photoplay by Theory-3 Media. After two more films with Theory-3 and contracts with High North Ski Camps and Resort TV, he moved into the world of Visual Effects. As a compositor and project coordinator, he focused his talents on feature films, Television and Video Games. His credits include the TV show: Lost; the films: RED, Oscar-Nominated Invictus, Killers, Apollo 18, Underworld: Awakening; the video games: Mass Effect 2 & 3; and the web-series: H+: The Digital Series. Now, as a member of Switchback Entertainment, he brings a unique, VFX approach to the world of mountain and adventure film production.

Anthony Bonello Anthony Bonello - Director/Producer/Editor
Anthony brings a honed style of storytelling that transports you beyond geography to convey the feel of a place and it’s people. The founder of b4apres Media, he independently directed and produced AZADI:Freedom and STAND which have won numerous awards internationally and screened in over 30 countries. Anthony has worked with the Switchback for a number of years and joins the team exclusively as we embark on our first feature film. Anthony is also a published freelance writer and photographer.

Susie Douglas Susie Douglas - Production Manager
Susie has been helping Switchback for a number of years behind the scenes. She has recently stepped up and joined the team officially as our office manager.